Will it Waffle?

It was my turn to host my monthly girls dinner last week – I had hoped for a last blast of warmth so we could grill outside, but with a chill in the air and some drizzle I launched Plan B, Will it Waffle?


BK, mom & I attended an author talk from this guy last year at Book Larder but we had yet to try anything out.  I planned my menu during the Seahawks game on Sunday, shopped that night and was excited to experiment at dinner.  Nothing on the menu actually went together, but I chose the random recipes that intrigued me to most – tapas style right?

Started easy with quesadillas just to get everyone seated and snacking – of course they waffled.


Next up, some chicken sausage patties and “Toasted” Ravioli – both pretty good.




And then the biggest experiements of the night:  Zucchini parmesan fritters & Shrimp wontons.



The fritters were quite puffy, interesting texture.  The wontons worked, but I think I still preferred them fried – I mean, who doesn’t right?

I had also planned to make some waffled cookies as well, but just served up some of BKs delicious ice creams instead – yum!

and the following Sunday, since I had yet to put the waffle iron away, we tried French toast and grilled cheese.  Yes, they both waffle….




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