2 down, 63 to go?

I know, amazing right? to celebrate our 2nd anniversary we took the day off of work and lived the good life with coupons! First stop was Brave Horse tavern for 2-for-1 breakfast. I finally tried one of their pretzel-wiches which was pretty yummy.

Next stop was Motion Board shop to pick up a couple paddle sboard with our groupon and head to Greenlake – we’re starting to get better at this. I only fell in once – BK did awesome.

 After cleaning up at home, we then headed downtown and checked into the Alexis using our corporate rate, and we got upgraded to a huge suite – nice!  Our bathroom had a couch in it – and stairs up to the tub:

BK had also arranged for some flowers, aww shucks – and because the concierge had gone to the market to pick them up, I ended up with not one bouquet, but 4!  Flowers on the desk, flowers, by the bed, flowers in the bathroom, flowers on the table!


Capped off the evening with dinner at Met Grill thanks to some gift cards. We brought our bottle of wine from Lake Chelan that we bought last anniversary and enjoyed a delectable dinner:




At last, our first dance…

At our friend’s wedding a couple weeks ago, some of our table mates asked us what song we had danced to at our wedding as our first dance.  Since we just had a big deck party, we had no answer for them, and we actually couldn’t think of a time we had really danced since then.  So, it was decided that the first song we danced to at Kelli & Kevin’s wedding would be our song, our first dance.  Special thanks to Sara for capturing the special moment, our first dance, to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face:


As most you know, each of us already has a jam packed kitchen, bathroom and pretty much every other room in the house.  Therefore we hope that if you do want to buy us a gift, you can contribute to our Honeymoon fund.


We do however realize that some people just like to buy gifts you can hold in your hand so we’ve also started a registry at Bed Bath & Beyond:


In lieu of the above please feel free to make a donation to your favorite charity on our behalf.

4 days…

our rings are now in our possession – yay!

and then tonight, BK put the new mixer to work and whipped up some homemade pitas cooked on the grill. Yeah, that’s right – this is how we rock some leftover pork: homemade grilled pitas, homemade tzatziki, feta, leftover porkloin, fruit salad from the produce box. MMMMM….