Seattle Invitational

By a lucky coincidence, the 2014 Seattle Invitational lined up exactly with BK’s birthday.  After dominating the tour of the Southern Hemisphere, KMJ was looking to extend her streak but not even the birthday boy could take down new competitor CP who beat us both out.  At the least the birthday boy could claim second place over KMJ who clearly needs to alter her swing a bit now that she’s back up north.

WP_20140601_008     WP_20140601_004


Queenstown CaddyShack City Open

This may be the coolest course we’ve ever encountered. Each hole was uniquely designed with models and electric features that level the playing field based on chance of which tunnel or car your ball ends up in. Following up on her win in Te Anau, Kendra continued to dominate the South Island, this time beating BK by an impressive six strokes.



2012 Tour wraps up in Montana

Though poorly covered in the media primarily due to the media having one to many Moscow Mules at the nearby Glacier Distillery the final round of the 2012 tour was contested at the challenging links of the Amazing Fun Center in West Glacier, Montana.


BK, continued to play in what was a signature style for the 2012 season allowing KMJ to build a lead on the front nine only to come charging back to seal victory with the masterful use of in-play water features on the 14th and 16th holes.

The 2013 tour will get underway this August with potential events in Astoria, Monterrey and Fairfield.