Our last night in Tofino we too k a break from campground cooking and enjoyed a nice meal out in town on a super rainy night.  We had spotted the sign for Kuma upon a couple days ago when we arrived and were intrigued by “Japanese Comfort Food.”

We started with cocktails, both delicious – the Yuzu Smash (Bourbon, Mint, Yuzu) and their seasonal.  The Yuzu was the winner.


For dinner we shared a few plates – first up TAKO TATAKI (local sous vide octopus. cabbage. pickled daikon. ponzu).  Really nice texture, cooked well:


Next, SPICY SALMON BOWL (local sashimi sockeye salmon. daikon. spicy teriyaki sauce. pickled ginger. avocado. rice):


One of the best OKONOMIYAKI (Osaka style cabbage pancake. bacon. cheddar. Japanese mayo. tonkatsu sauce. bonito flakes) I’ve had, full of flavor:


Lastly, MISO TOFU (torched tofu. green onion. ginger. bonito flakes. soy), great texture & flavor:


what an unexpected treat!


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