Out of the woods

sort of – after several nights without electricty or internet, we find ourselves in West Glacier, MT for our final stop.   We’ve got a Kozy Kabin at the KOA with electricty and free wifi – woot!  As we catch up, here’s quick glimpse of what we’ve been up to:

Maligne Lake & Canyon and Athabasca Falls

Bright Lights, Big Cities

Waterton Townsite

Waterton Lake, Red Rock Canyon, Cameron Falls

Waterton, Cameron Lake & St. Mary Lake



Mini Golf tour swings through Edmonton

The second and final leg of the North American Mega-Mall tour stops was played today on the Putt n’ Glow links at the mighty West Edmonton Mall.  As with the last stop at the Mall of America, KMJ jumped out to an early 4 stroke lead in the first few holes before BK settled into his game.


KMJ maintained a 3 stroke lead at the turn where a series of cunningly designed volcano style holes stymied both players with triple bogeys all around on three of the last 10 holes.  BK managed to pull within one with an excellent tee shot on 15 and then with his back to the wall sank a clutch hole in one put on the 16th while KMJ hit par but the score was tied going into 17.

On the 17th BK tapped in a birdie putt for the lead going into the 18th where both players triple bogeyed to end the match.  So far BK leads the 2012 tour with victories in Scottsdale, Minneapolis and Edmonton while KMJ took the season opener in Austin.

Bears! and hail?

in Banff, we were keep ing a watchful eye out searching for bears everywhere, hoping for just a quick glimpse.   Since arriving in Jasper though we’ve already spotted three, lumbering around the sides of the road, munching on berries in various spots.  check the video!

Then today, as we were leaving Mont Edith Cavell, we encountered a crazy hail storm – such a barrage I had to pull over and stop driving.   It lasted like 5 minutes and we ended up with a snow-like build-up on the car. check the video!

Once the hail passed, we continued on the road over to our campground for the night.   As we checked in the Ranger let us know that eight bears had been spotted roaming the area in the last 48 hours.  8!  We moved on, laughing nervously to check out our assigned space in loop 1, space L as in Lima.  It seemed like a nice space except for the puddle that had accumulated where our tent should go.

BK did some quick math:   Hail + continuing rain + roaming bears = go find a hotel room instead.


Who am I to disagree?  🙂  It’s given me internet access and time to edit a couple more videos for you to enjoy:

Hiking at Lake Louise

Icefields Parkway

Hiking at Mont Edith Cavell

Rocky Mountain Life

A couple more highlight videos are now up for you to enjoy:

Banff to Golden

Moraine Lake, Lake Louise Gondola & Johnston Canyon

Canoeing the Bow River & Vermillion Lakes

BK has also started posting some of his awesome photos here.

Wildlife spotted so far:  a gazillion mosquitoes, a few squirrels, several chipmunks, geese, an eagle, a deer, a coyote, some big horn sheep.  Despite the sign below, we have yet to see a bear (which is probably a good thing).

Interesting license plates spotted (per the Hall family game):  Arkansas, Wisconsin, Mexico

Big Day of Driving

First day of vacation was a lot of driving. BK decided to commerate it by having us take a pic every hour to show our progress and capture spots along the way. Enjoy the slideshow below!