Staycation Day 11

I made it!  Last day of staycation and it went pretty great – who knew I could fall into lazy life so easily?   As you saw, we did manage to tackle some key projects around the house, but we did also manage to rarely get out of bed before 10:00am (lesson learned:  it takes about a week to sleep train the cats…)

Today consisted of eating some leftovers while watching football,


taking down the Xmas tree


and watching it snow.  WHAT?  yep, it started snowing, leaving us all with dreams of a snow day to continue staycation, but alas it didn’t accumulate…

One last fancy meal at home, and then back to the real world.  It’s been fun house…


Staycation Day 10

Almost last day of projects around the house, focused on my office and craft corner, still not great but way better than it was:


In the evening, my mighty Sun Devils were playing in the last bowl game of the season, the Cactus Bowl, so we had a few folks over for Fajitas, margaritas and Mexican Mules – mmmm.  Food and friends were great, losing to West Virginia by one point was not so awesome…


Staycation Day 8

New Years Eve!  Spent most of the day downtown with the in-laws , watching football from a waiting room


Eventually escaped to home for a yummy dinner – crab cakes & fancy champagne, a repeat splurge from last year – plus BK poached some pears with his new sous vide machine…

Then headed east to LCW to take on KC2 in a mostly friendly match of Mexican Train dominoes – girls rule!


Staycation Day 7

worked in the home office for the morning a bit, then headed over to Greenwood to stay with my cutest neighbor Izzy for a few hours so SS could get some work done – D is 4 delicious!

Then in the evening went north to Edmonds for Trivia night celebrating TA’s birthday – so fun to catch up with them and others, plus we won!  It helped that we had the birthday girl on our team 🙂


Will it Waffle?

It was my turn to host my monthly girls dinner last week – I had hoped for a last blast of warmth so we could grill outside, but with a chill in the air and some drizzle I launched Plan B, Will it Waffle?


BK, mom & I attended an author talk from this guy last year at Book Larder but we had yet to try anything out.  I planned my menu during the Seahawks game on Sunday, shopped that night and was excited to experiment at dinner.  Nothing on the menu actually went together, but I chose the random recipes that intrigued me to most – tapas style right?

Started easy with quesadillas just to get everyone seated and snacking – of course they waffled.


Next up, some chicken sausage patties and “Toasted” Ravioli – both pretty good.




And then the biggest experiements of the night:  Zucchini parmesan fritters & Shrimp wontons.



The fritters were quite puffy, interesting texture.  The wontons worked, but I think I still preferred them fried – I mean, who doesn’t right?

I had also planned to make some waffled cookies as well, but just served up some of BKs delicious ice creams instead – yum!

and the following Sunday, since I had yet to put the waffle iron away, we tried French toast and grilled cheese.  Yes, they both waffle….



E&E wedding

Recently we had the honor of helping plan and cook for our friend EC’s wedding – it was a small event at his parents house, on a beautiful Seattle summer evening.

Video of the event can be seen here:

Food wise, not a big drinking crowd so we bought some booze but not a ton 🙂 I was surprised how quick the red wine went since it was so hot out – but that just left more rose for me!


Appetizers were charcuterie, veggies, bruschetta & a crostini with goat cheese & grilled peach:


Our contributions to dinner were grilled salmon & chicken, grilled veggies, and a roasted garlic potato salad: