Postcards Cafe

The main reason I wanted to hit the North Shore of Kauai was for dinner at Postcards Cafe in Hanalei.  Eleni and I had a great dinner here years ago and I’ve been sending folks to it ever since – I hoped it was as good as I remembered!  They don’t take reservations unless you are a party of 4 or more, and they are only open 6:00-9:00pm.  So, we got there at 5:45pm and were 4th in line – our odds seemed good unless they had a bunch of reservations.  Luckily, we got right in and enjoyed a delicious dinner:

White Sangria

Pupu Platter:  One crab cake and samples of our taro fritters, seafood rockets and seared ahi, with perfect sauces and chutney

Swordfish with Macadamia Nut Butter

Mahi Mahi with Peppered Pineapple Sage

The sangria was pretty sweet but still a good accompaniment to the fish.  The sauces on the Pupu platter were all good – we especially liked the sweet chili that went with the crab cake.  The seafood rockets were good too.  The macadamia nut butter on my swordfish was amazing (but how can you go wrong?) and BK’s peppered pineapple sage was an interesting twist.   Service was a little slow getting our entrees out, but other than that, still as good as I remember…