grilled cheese, yes please!


Happy times at work today when BK peered out a window and spotted the Monte Cristo Mobile Melts truck in our courtyard!  (Especially given the fact I hadn’t made a lunch today and BK’s lunch plans had cancelled!)  We quickly trotted outside for this special treat.

I got the #1 Classic Cheddar with a twist:  grafton cheddar, new moon jack & gruyere, macrina brioche served w/ spiced blueberry au jus:


BK got the Full Monte Cristo with an egg: monte cristo “cheese blend”, canadian bacon, wagner’s cinnamon swirl bread, batter dipped and griddled, buttered, powered sugared & fresh squeezed lime topped – no jam:


Both were yummy and a nice break from the norm.  BK also got their pickle combo and we shared some cheese curds.  Yum!


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