Team Kendra

Kendra has made her triumphant return home on Friday, July 7th and with that return will come  greater availability for visit’s as well as increased need for some assistance as she continues to recover before we move to the next phase of treatment.

To better manage the schedule and let everyone know where and when some help is needed, good times to visit etc.. we’ve published the official Team Kendra™ Calendar which you can access here.

On the calendar you’ll notice several categories being used for various activities to make it a bit easier to read.  These are as follows.

  • Babysit Kendra – While Kendra is recovering well, she would still like to have people around the house just in case during times when BK will be making day camp runs or at work.  These blocks of time are currently set in six hours chunks but timing can be flexible.  Feel free to work, hang out and watch a movie or even take a nap but be available if Kendra needs a hand.  Free WiFi provided & snacks provided 🙂
  • Come and Visit Kendra/Happy Hour – I’m cleared for summer Rose season, in moderation of course.  Come enjoy our backyard!
  • Play with Alex?  – If you have a tiny human, we love play dates!  Timing and location are flexible, just happy for anything that burns energy.  Northacres playground and Spray Park is just a 1.5 blocks from our house.
  • Driving Ms. Kendra – There will be appointments for PT, doctors follow ups and others that Kendra will need to attend.   Sign up here to volunteer to play chauffeur and get her to and from appointments.  Vehicle provided.

Any questions?  Timing subject to change once I have my radiation schedule.  To claim/coordinate a slot/visit, please drop us a line teamkendra (at) or give us a call/text.

THANK YOU!  The outpouring of love, good vibes and support has been amazing – we are so lucky to have all of you with us on this unexpected journey.


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