Carlucci Land Challenge

Landing in Wellington, KMJ looked to extend her South Island domination across the straight and into the north.  Carlucci Land is built in an old junkyard with lots of interesting obstacles.  It was close throughout and when KMJ had a rough time on 15, BK looked headed to victory.  But some errors on 17 for BK led to a draw in the end.



Queenstown CaddyShack City Open

This may be the coolest course we’ve ever encountered. Each hole was uniquely designed with models and electric features that level the playing field based on chance of which tunnel or car your ball ends up in. Following up on her win in Te Anau, Kendra continued to dominate the South Island, this time beating BK by an impressive six strokes.



Dinner at Public

our last dinner in Queenstown, we walked down to the wharf and spotted a place right away, Public Kitchen, that looked good – luckily there was a table for two available near the water so we snapped it up. This place was similar to Local 360 in Seattle – a variety of locally-sourced dishes meant for sharing. We went protein heavy – calamari to start:


then, salt cod croquettes:


Pork Loin:


and coconut chicken:


Everything was delicious and a good value as the portions were all pretty generous as compared to most “shared plates” places.

Where in the world are BK and KMJ?

The short answer?  We’re headed to the deep south for a few weeks in Australia and New Zealand!  Looking forward to some extended time to explore and enjoy another round of summer weather.  We’ll be blogging of course and check back here for more info starting next weekend when we arrive in sunny Cairns, Australia for a few days of exploring the Great Barrier Reef.  Where else are we going?  Here’s a good overview and check back for updates, we can’t wait to get going!