Bar Zeruko

an unexpected find on our tapas crawl last night, a modern take on tapas featuring molecular gastronomy.  Since we were already a couple bars in we didn’t partake of all the options, but the ones we had were awesome.

First was a piece of cod being smoked on a grill.  after a minute we were supposed to put the fish on the crostini which had a sweet onion puree on it.  So good!  Alongside was a test tube of liquid salad.

WP_20150526_028 2

Next up was the dish that had enticed KF into the bar – a smoking rose colored shot glass with something on top – KF thought it was shrimp.  It was sweetbreads.  Still good and cool presentation:


Lastly BK & JF got carne while KF & I got postre.  BK’s solomillo consisted of a rare pice of steak and a piece of foie alongside


Mine looked like a fried egg, but was actually a lemon cream with a passionfruit yolk and a spongecake alongside to soak it all up – yum!

WP_20150526_034 1


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