Cooking the Mo’ rockin’ (Moroccan) Spice Trail

Awhile ago my parents gave us a gift certificate to Hipcooks and we finally put it to use for a Moroccan cooking class – I always try to be more adventurous at cooking classes to really learn something new, and this menu looked pretty yummy.  Plus we have a tagine we received for our wedding that we haven’t used yet, so we were hoping this class might inspire us a bit!


There were 12 people in the class and chores got divvy’ed up around the group – first up for everyone was picking parley leaves off their stems for our parsley salad and grinding up spices.  Added to the salad later was red onion and a simply vingrette – it was good, but a lot of parsley.



Along side the parsley salad we ate Bastiya – a Moroccan spice pastry with beef and/or lamb, cinnamon, raisins and pine nuts.  We made the filling, then rolled the mixture up into phyllo triangles to bake.  These were yummy – it seemed weird to top a savory meat dish with some powdered sugar, but it worked!

WP_20141017_010   WP_20141017_017   WP_20141017_018

Our main course was Tagine of chicken with melting onions, saffron, preserved lemon and green olives over cous cous.  Because of the large group we could this in a giant oven-proof pan versus a traditional tagine.  the saffron gave it a great color, and we used the liquid from the dish in the cous cous as well to give it extra flavor.  The preserved lemons were a nice touch and BK already has a couple jars of his own stewing in one of our cabinents now that he knows how to make them 🙂




Dessert was the one item I was a bit leary about but it turned out delicious:  Beet, olive oil and spice cake.  Its even gluten free!  You barely taste the beets and I loved all the cardamom we put in it.  Alongside the cake we had Poached apricots stuffed with mascarpone and pistachio.




Delicious date night!


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