Settling in

Coming up on two months now since we moved into our new place, boxes are steadily being unpacked and we’re getting back to normal.  We got new windows installed last week and I put the hours of HGTV viewing to good use and started installing the new window trim which has been quite popular with the four legged residents of our house.

The other day I was moving some boxes around in the basement and found a cat perch that mounts to the window sill that I had bought a couple years ago but never mounted in our old place since there just wasn’t the right spot to put it.  So I decided to put it up on the office window to give them a place to plop down and watch the squirrels and birds that run around in the backyard.

Marion found it right away and decided it was his, Seamus wasn’t so sure about that and there was a minor standoff and discussion about this newly discovered territory.

WP_20140813_14_34_18_Pro  WP_20140813_14_36_10_Pro

In the end, age and experience won out and the victor celebrated in the customary fashion.



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