Who hates popcorn?

I sure do, but maybe not the type you’re thinking of. The type I hate was a popular ceiling decoration starting in the 60’s which we’ve been scraping down for the past couple days but the end is nearing and soon a nice painted ceiling will have replaced the ugly, sparkly, 1965 popcorn in the living areas.

The trick seems to be using water, lots of it. Soak the area, then go away for 10 minutes and come back to spray it some more. When you start scraping it should just come right off and make a huge mess.

Speaking of that, make sure that if you have floors that you care about (and we do) that you protect them well. We spent an hour or so tarping and taping off everything before we really got started and that’s been a huge time saver allowing us to move pretty rapidly and rid the house of the popcorn.



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