Dinner with Greeks

Sadly not with our favorite Greeks in Seattle, but we still chose Greek street for our final dinner in Melbourne J  I think when I was here last there was more of a Greek Town, but similar to Little Italy in Manhattan, the Greek area in Melbourne seems to have shrunk due to an increasing Chinatown next door.  Nonetheless, we found a cute Taverna and popped in for dinner.


First we shared their trio of spreads, two which were nothing like I’d had before:  and eggplant dip that was chunking with onions and one called Tarama, a red caviar dip –both were good and new so that was fun.  The third was tzatziki, always a fave 🙂


Next we got a Saganakii which did not come flaming to the table but was still delicious as fried cheese always is.


For entrees, BK got lamb and I got grilled calamari, both served with Greek potatoes and a small salad.



Overall, pretty delish and fitting way to end our stay in town.

PS:  this red Greek wine we shared was nice to, very light and fruity:



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