Dinner by headlamp

Next on our roadtrip was two nights camping in the Redwoods, which meant loading up on our usual camping fare:  mac & cheese, oatmeal, hot chocolate – and of course we already had a car full of good wine!  Having stopped off in Mendocino & Fort Bragg we arrived at our campsite a little later than expected – and wanting to squeeze in a quick hike before dark meant we ended up cooking dinner by lantern and headlamp.  First though, we had to crack our anniversary bottle of wine that we picked up in Canada last year:


After that, BK is a pro!




Delicious!  Plus, we had some cupcakes for dessert (even though they got a little tumbled on the way):



Similar dinner on night two, though we had some extra light to cook by, and cookies instead ofcupcakes:




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