Breakfast at the Dogwood Diner

Crossing over the border into California yesterday I started checking Yelp for a breakfast recommendation.  The one that caught my eye was the Dogwood Diner in Dunsmuir, and it turned out to be a great choice.  In a cute old historic building just off the main street by the train tracks, we arrived early and beat the rush.

The first thing we shared was the peanut butter roll:  their house-made cinnamon roll, split in half, smeared in the middle with peanut butter, then pan fried like a sandwich – so gooey and warm:


Next we shared the Breakfast Sandwich which we chose to have on their own house-made croissant, another winner:


and last, we topped it all off with an order of their pineapple French toast, which was like dessert – caramelized pineapple, custardy bread, brown butter caramel-ly sauce – so good!




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