Florence day 2

Everyone dropped like a rock after our extended day of flying, standing around and going back and forth to find luggage but with Marks bag still MIA we headed back to the airport again first thing in the morning to find his bag.  Thankfully it had arrived so we grabbed it and headed back to the apartment then down to the square to find espresso and something to eat.

Ready to face the day we wandered down the street to Ponte Vecchio and across the river to see what might be over that way.

Ponte Vecchio

After wandering around for a while and stopping in a shop for some wine, salumi and tasting some 30 year old balsamic vinegar that was out of this world — syrupy, sweet, sour just amazing — we kept walking back up towards the apartment stopping along the way to check out some of the statues in the next square over.

blog2 1blog2 2


No that’s not the real David, it’s a replica which is free to see and unlike the one at the Academia, doesn’t have a line to wait in.  From there we headed to the main Market and found some lunch along with an endless line up of amazing looking meats, produce and more.  Afterwards we headed back to the apartment and everyone took a nap for a couple hours before walking up the street for dinner and hanging out up our deck.

blog2 4



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