Luggage, taxis and airports (Day 1 in Florence)

Mark and I decided to take Dad on vacation for his birthday and Italy seemed like the obvious choice so today we find ourselves waking up in Florence after an exceedingly long day of travel topped off with the single most frustrating airport experience I’ve ever had.

The flight from Seattle to Amsterdam was fine, cramped for those of us (me) that are used to flying in business class for work but fine, and yes I’m totally spoiled.  The connection to Florence took us an hour to navigate to, but the plane left and we arrived in Florence mid-day.  This is when things took a drastic turn.  First the “where’s all the luggage” thoughts in my head, followed by the announcement “No more luggage from Amsterdam”.

What followed was three, yes three hours standing in line waiting to find out where our bags — actually every checked bag on our flight since none of them arrived — were located.  At long last we made it to the front of the line and were told the bags would be arriving from Rome later that night.  Rome?  But we were in Amsterdam, how are they in Rome?  Good question to which there was no answer.

So we headed into Florence and moved into our apartment which is a pretty great space up on the top floor of a building near the Duomo.  Hard to complain about the neighborhood even if the beds are a bit soft.


After a quick bite to eat (sadly nothing worth mentioning) Mark and I  headed back to the airport in search of the bags and left Dad reading a book.  At the airport we found the plane had just landed so we had to wait for awhile before hopefully collecting the bags.  Since we were approaching 24 hours without sleep an espresso seemed like a good idea, and as it turned out it was coffee day or something like that so the espresso was free.  Then the good news, my bag showed up!  Not so good, Marks was “supposed to be here, but maybe they just didn’t put it on the plane”.  So hopefully we’ll find that tomorrow morning.


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