Slipping and sliding on the wall

Sunday morning a few of us jumped in the car and headed out in the fog, smog, snow and ice to the Great Wall.  I had been there once before during the summer and wasn’t sure what to expect on this day in January.  The further we got from Beijing the more snow we ran into but at least the fog wasn’t so bad.  Going up the last hill to the Great Wall the car finally got stuck in the 2″ of so of loose snow on the road and we had to jump out and push it the rest of the way.

We rode up the chairlift and a few minutes later stepped off on top of the Great Wall of China.










The walk was really nice, it was snowing lightly at times and it required my full attention to (mostly) keep my feet underneath me navigating up and down the somewhat steep angles as we walked along.  There were very few people there and the quiet and solitude was a nice change from my previous visit.



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