walking through stores and seeing magazine covers like this make the whole IVF process seem extra long and annoying:

seriously – Snooki gets pregnant with no problem? 

Luckily I have awesome friends like Kelli who buy me delicious pregnancy tea to support everything going on and calm me down 😉

this comes from one of my favorite spas in Seattle, Ummelina – here’s what it says:

Rich in nutrients for your baby’s growth & development

  • Strong in herbs to tone the uterus & maintain a healthy pregnancy
  • Suitable from pre-conception through delivery.

    Organic and Wildcrafted Ingredients:
    Raspberry Leaf, Rosehips, Lemon Balm, Oatstraw, Spearmint, Lemon Verbena, Pink Rosebuds, Star Anise, Red Clover, Nettles

Can’t hurt right?


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