KMJ’s 2012 Reading Challenge

As I mentioned on FB a few days ago, I’ve created a 2012 challenge to myself to catch-up on my reading pile – currently 12 books, so one a month and I should be good.  I decided to tackle for my former English teacher’s book, On Occasion, first since it would be quick, easy and entertaining – a good way to get me back in the rhythm of reading something other than magazines.   About halfway through I was quickly distracted by the girls at work discussing the Hunger Games trilogy.  I managed to side step Twilight mayhem, but once I knew RL  had also been sucked into these books I thought I better investigate.  I finished book 1 in about 3 days.  I am happy to report though that I also finished Mr. Doelger’s book this morning, so my reading challenge is still in good shape, despite that fact that I now have two additional books on the kindle I need to work into the pile as well…



2 thoughts on “KMJ’s 2012 Reading Challenge

  1. Hooray! And you’ve inspired me too. I would try to read World is Flat with you if you want… that may be a more fun way to read it.

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