KMJ’s Birthday dinner w/ Ruhlman

When I saw one of BK’s favorite’s, Michael Ruhlman, was coming to town to promote his new book I knew we should snap up tickets quick.  Since the event was organized as an intimate dinner the day before my birthday, BK bought the tix so we could celebrate a day early – even better, the Sailer’s got tickets too!

We started out with a fancy drink in the bar before heading into the private dining rom at Dahlia Lounge.  Tom Douglas came in to intro the evening and the menu, then Ruhlman said a few things before starting to meander through the dining room.  While I appreciate the fact that he was making an effort to greet everyone personally I was hoping for a little more open conversation and q&a.

Dinner was centered around the theme of braising, on of the chapter’s in Ruhlman’s book.  Fun style of cooking, but for me and Shelby that meant two meat dishes headed over to the boys (they did not complain).

First course was Tomme de Segala, braised gala apple, apple jelly, arugula, toast:

Next, Tomato braised sturgeon, green olive, fennel:

Breast of goose with braised leg, chestnut bread pudding, brussel sprouts, pickled huckleberry:

Red wine braised short rib, smoked potato agnolotti, black kale, chanterelles:

Sticky Toffee Date Cake, hot buttered rum sauce, braised cranberries, butter pecan ice cream:

Despite my best flirty attempts with Ruhlman, he apparently only had eyes for BK:


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