Dinner at Graffiato

BK had to go to DC for work, so I flew out Wednesday to join him for a long weekend.  We kicked things off with dinner at Graffiato, owned by recent Top Chef runner-up Mike Isabella.  Mike annoyed me the first season he was on, but then was better his second time around – and when our friend and fellow foodie Daphne visited his place 4 times within two weeks of opening we knew we should head over there while in town.

Daphne came us, and between the three of us we shared a bunch of plates:

Fancy bread basket with lemon ricotta spread and a thick olive oil spread:

Ham plate:  PorcSalt Holiday Ham, PA; Benton’s Smoked Country Ham, TN; Biellese Culatello, NY — heart of the prosciutto; Olli Speck, VA; Prosciutto Di Parma, Italy

Chicken Thighs:  cabbage, pepperoni sauce

Chestnut Agnolotti:  butternut squash, brussel leaves, brown butter

Vermont Pizza:  melted leeks, farmhouse cheddar, bacon, baby potatoes

the special of the night, Suckling Pig:

Cannolis: nutella, orange

Chocolate Tart:  olive oil, pine nuts, sea salt gelato

Those of you who watch Top Chef will recognize the pepperoni sauce – it didn’t really sound good to me on the show or in person but it was as delicious as everyone else exclaimed it to be.   We also sopped up every drop of the pasta sauce.  The pizza had actual small whole potatoes on it, not just slices, which was interesting.  The suckling pig was much better than the piece BK got in Segovia.  We had also ordered roasted cauliflower, but it never came.  The desserts finished everything else off well – the tart was super smooth and the cannolis had a nice tinge of orange.  I thought everything tasted great and was well-priced, I would definitely go back again.



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