Ice Creams for Dinner!

To celebrate our first anniversary BK gave me a few different fun adventures for us to enjoy in the coming months, starting with tonight’s outing to Palace Ballroom for Tom Douglas’ Ice Cream Social.  7 of Seattle’s ice cream purveyors were on hand to dole out samples of their goods and we noshed away:

  • from Parfait we tried Blackberry, Butter Toffee Crunch, Ballard Honey and Double chocolate.  The Honey was especially interesting and I really liked the blackberry too.  My favorite overall ice creamery for the evening.
  • Next was Peach ice cream with pecan crumble, and peanut butter ice cream with pretzel and caramel swirl from Dahlia workshop.  Both of these were good, except the pretzels got a little soggy and chewy in the peanut butter ice cream.
  • Procopio gelato had hazelnut, stracciatella and fig.  The classic flavors were good – neither of us liked the fig though.
  • Old School Custard featured an Affogato with either chocolate or vanilla custard.  I’m just not a custard person.
  • D’Ambrosio had a chocolate biscotti gelato and a ricotta gelato with candied fruits.  Really yummy, nice textures, interesting flavors.
  • Fainting Goat Gelato served up pink Grapefruit, almond, salted caramel and cherries jubilee.  My second favorite spot of the night overall.  The pink grapefruit was really good – its texture was not the usual sorbet texture due to the soy they add as BK found out.  The almond actually tasted more like hazelnut and the Salted caramel more like butterscotch, but still delicious.
  • Peaks Custard had chocolate turtle and beautiful Bay leaf.  I said earlier I’m not a custard person but I actually enjoyed both of these.  the bay leaf really surprised me and turtle anything is usually good 😉

Dairy’ed out we wandered over to the Triple Threat (aka Bed Bath & Beyond) then into the bar at Dahlia Lounge to get some real food in our tummies too.  I had the perfect appetizer to finish off my dinner in reverse:  three fried chicken fingers, a piece of grilled watermelon with some corm, and a small buttermilk biscuit with jalapeno homey butter.  Summer on a plate!  BK had a bowl of clams.


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