Week of Eats

Coming home from Hawaii we had an empty fridge and no chance to food shop until the weekend.  Therefore, we hit up a couple old favorites and a couple newer spots to sustain us.

Wednesday night was Pagliacci because we were getting home late and BK is always craving pizza.  He had his usual South Philly while I tried the seasonal  Mama Lil’s Pepper pizza rather than my usual, Pesto Primo.  The Mama Lil’s pie was good, probably because it had ricotta on it just like the pesto primo.

Thursday night was Fu Man Dumpling house, our go-to spot anytime we start feeling under the weather – the Hot & Sour soup will knock it right out of you!  We shared that along with boiled dumplings and potstickers.  I also really like the green onion pancake but it takes like 25 minutes to cook so I only get that when I’m calling in a to go order.

Friday night we intended to start the food shop with a visit to Trader Joe’s, but we stopped by a couple houses to drop off gifts and didn’t get to food until 8:00pm.  Since we were heading to Ballard we went to the Barking Dog Alehouse which I always like when I go there, but often forget about since it’s tucked away on a residential street in NE Ballard.  We sat that the bar where BK enjoyed a cup of French Onion soup and Halibut & Chips, while I got one of the specials, Halibut with Pineapple salsa over a risotto cake.  All yummy!

Since we missed shopping at TJ’s last night we headed that way for our big Saturday night date, stopping along the way at Anita’s Crepes for dinner (using a coupon from our Chinook Book).  I had only been here at farmer’s markets and for lunch so I was interested to check out dinner.  We shared the Charcuterie plate and a Fromage plate of three potato blinis with Feta Mousse on top.  Then BK had French Onion soup again (and declared this version his new local favorite) and the Pork Shank crepe, while I had a the Jambon & Comte.  For dessert we shared their special which had pears, brie and honey – amazing.  The honey added a great taste and it was also sprinkled with pistachios – mmm…

so, a good few days of eating upon our return.  But now we have food again in the fridge thanks to TJ’s and will stop by Costco as well tomorrow, so no more dining out ’til next weekend’s Groupon dinner 😉


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