Special thanks go out to the Tully’s crew for our pre-Valentine’s Day dinner!  We had only been to Olivar once before but it quickly became a favorite so were excited to receive a wedding present gift certificate to go try it again.  What I really enjoy about Olivar is that they are essentially doing a tapas style menu, but it’s well-portioned and well-priced along with being delicious.  On this night we enjoyed:

Plato de Quesos, (Pimentón infused Manchego, Ibores goat cheese & Peñacorada, toasted almonds, cipollini jam):

Plato de Embutidos, (House-cured meat platter with chorizo, butifarra, bresaola, serrano ham pickles & mustard):

Salted Cod Brandade:

Monkfish special:

and Grilled Calamari with Squid Ink Risotto & Sweet Potato Chips:

Despite a dicey texture for me, the Salt Cod Brandade was my favorite dish of the evening, along with the monkfish. Cheese and meat are always popular at our table as well (and I let BK eat all of the blood sausage).  The only disappointment was the grilled calamari risotto – I think we have both decided that squid ink just doesn’t add much to a dish besides the dramatic black color.  Taste wise, it made the risotto pretty bland.   But overall, another delicious meal at Olivar – we’ll be back!


One thought on “Olivar

  1. Thank you for the visuals of your meal and your thoughts about the food. It looks tasty and I’m happy that you enjoyed it enough to go back again. This is a pleasant method of reiterating your thanks and sort of enjoying it with you. I’m glad I could contribute to your special evening.
    May God bless you both abundantly!


    Roxetta : )

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