The Local Vine & High 5 Pie

Dinner of the week this week was at The Local Vine on Capitol Hill.  We scored an awesome parking spot and as we walked across the street we noticed a new spot next door that had just opened:  High 5 Pie.  Sweet, two-fer tonight!

The Local Vine is a small wine bar with a nice menu.  The wine selection is especially fun and accessible, grouped by reds and whites, fruity, fragrant, etc.  Each color also had two different 3-wine tasting tours you could order for a nice price.  I chose the Winter Whites tasting while BK did the Tour of Washington Reds. The food menu is lots sharing plates, so we shared  quinoa tots w/ mango chutney, prosciutto and cheese plate, butternut squash flan, bacon w/ juniper molasses.  Then BK had cassoulet and I had the pesto penne.  I think the cassoulet and penne were our favorites.  the bacon was nice with the molasses but some pieces were chewy.  the flan was creative but needed a little more flavor, as did the quinoa tots.  Cheese plate and prosciutto – always delicious.  I would go back.

We were starting to feel full but how could we pass up a brand new pie shop?  Of course we ducked in next door.  The fun thing about High 5 is they do pie in all sorts of forms:  sweet and savory, traditional slices, in a jar, hand pie and even lollipops!  We tried the Peanut Butter & Jelly and a Mixed Berry.  The PB&J was really good – nice and creamy.  The mixed berry had an odd texture for a berry pie – really thick.  its was good, but not as good…

Back at home we were now stuffed after a yummy date night.


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