Blue Hill at Stone Barns

The menu arrives as a list of ingredients currently in season and then you choose 5 or 8 courses and food starts arriving.  So this was truly a blind tasting menu, but JJ & I both specified pescatarian so I wasn’t too worried about what might arrive.

We started with cocktails – mine was black currant martini.  All the drinks had fresh farm ingredients in them:

to start, citrus spritzers and fresh veggies:

Tomato burgers:

Tempura veggies:

Charcuterie for the boys, sage-potato crisp for the girls:

Peppered melon for the girls, bone marrow and caviar for the boys:

Summer veggie salad:

Onions baked under coals overnight served with various condiments:

Potato-Onion bread (Sallie, you would have devoured this!)

Striped bass:

Poached egg in curry soup:

Lamb brains for the boys, Ratatouille Cannelloni for the girls:

more lamb for the boys, lobster for the girls:

Transition time – local cheeses:

and the first dessert, Strawberry milkshake:

fruits and corn ice-cream:

mmm, chocolate:

and finally, some grapes and honey:

Everything was so fresh and clean.  my favorites were the lobster, the canelloni and the grilled onion.  The bread was delish and the service impeccable.  We were full and happy as we zipped down to the train station and headed back to the big city.


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