Unlike his other establishments which tend to focus more on the higher end, DBGB offers simple food executed at a very high level. Much of the menu is centered around the 14 different types of house made sausages and several different burgers plus other chicken, beef and pork options.

We decided to split a couple of sausages to start and soon enough the Viennese and Tunisian sausages had arrived. The Viennese is a pork sausage with some cheese and the Tunnnisian is a lamb sausage.

Both of the sausages were great, the flavors were distinct without any one element being overpowering; just great food all around. The only disappointment was that there were only two of us there as I would have loved to order 5-6 of them to share around the table. For the mains I had the piggy burger which is a burger topped with BBQ pulled pork and KMJ a Schnitzel which very well may have been the best piece of pork I’ve eaten that wasn’t a BBQ rib.

Finally to put a topper on the whole meal we ordered a baked Alaska, though they call it something different on the menu. It was excellent and a great way to end the day before heading back to our tiny hotel room.


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