Friday Night Tapas crawl

1st stop at Haizea (as seen on No Reservations) for Bunuelos de Bacalao and txakoli.

2nd stop is for tartaleta txangurro and vino tinto at Gandarias Jatetxea

3rd stop after watching friday night futbol is at Txepetxa for croquettes and anchovies with urchin roe along with crianza.

4th stop is Bar Bondi Berri for beef cheek stewed in red wine and iberian pork rib.

5th stop is Bar Izkina for vino tinto and frito de jamon y queso

6th stop is at Goiz-Argi for shrimp kebab and more txakoli

7th stop is Bar La Vina for Canutillo de queso y anchoa and vino tinto

8th stop is La Cuchara for Foie con compota de manzana with Crianza to drink.  ( I got a little cocky with this after liking the foie last night.  This piece was too big and rich for me, I could only eat half.)

9th stop is Casa Vergana for queso brie con mermelada de piquillo y tomata and sangria.

10th stop is Bar Aralar for jamon and blue cheese with sangria.


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